Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

      Creating success in math for your child's future.

Summer Tutoring

The summer is a good time for math tutoring.  The environment is just more relaxed, there is usually not a test upcoming.

I can work with you to meet your needs.


Preteaching next years math in the summer time gives a student a big edge in math class once the school year starts.  Taking tests on the "second time I learned this" is much easier than on the first.

Some students (or maybe their parents) like to spend some time in the summer preparing for the SAT.

Skills are kept alive only through use.  I have heard many math teachers bemoan that students forget everything they ever knew about math each summer.  This is only partially true, but keeping math present in a students life during the summer is a great way to keep the skills sharp for September.

Call Today

Give me a call and we can discuss possibilities.  I am very easy to talk to.  I listen well and together we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Please call today (732)-960-1827 (before 9pm please).