Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

      Creating success in math for your child's future.

SAT Preparation

Doing well on the SAT is one essential aspect of getting into a good college.  Your best SAT score lasts a lifetime.

I can help your child prepare for the SAT or the SAT MATH I or II Subject Area tests.  

A good starting place is to determine what areas of math your child is strong in and what areas of math your child could benefit the most with some help.  There are also certain styles of questions that are likely to be on your childs SAT test that I can help with.

I have also gotten a lot of mileage teaching the hardest pre-algebra problems in topics such as percentages, weighted averages, probability and the like that have been forgotten three years later by juniors.  I also pound away at the variety of likely Pythagorean Theorem problems.  I review a wide range of problems.

My tutoring typically raises a students math SAT score by about 80 or 90 points.

The instruction I would give for someone trying to go from a score of 520 up to 600 would be somewhat different from what I would give for someone who is trying to move from 650 up closer to 800. Group instruction cannot personalize the instruction in this way. I can move to the next topic if it is already known by your son or daughter. In a class, they just sit there bored out of their mind. It is a much more efficient use of time to have one on one instruction.

Call Today

Give me a call and we can discuss possibilities.  I am very easy to talk to.  I listen well and together we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Please call today (732)-960-1827 (before 9pm please).