Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

Steve Lahet - Math Tutor

      Creating success in math for your child's future.

Why a Bio?

I am putting a Bio on my web site because I thought you might want to know something about the person who prospectively will tutor your child.  I have a more diverse past than many math teachers.  I am not particularly nerdy in my demeanor (just in my knowledge of math).   I have good interpersonal skills and I can create rapport with students in a different way.

My Bio as a List of Random Facts

  • I have an undergraduate engineering degree from Cornell University.
  • I currently work part time for South Brunswick High School as a math home instruction teacher for students who can't go to school (usually for medical reasons).  However, I spend more hours doing private tutoring.
  • I enjoy tutoring and take pride in my work.
  • I taught math at Perth Amboy High School, an urban school which has an 86% Latino student body.  I had stopped full-time teaching for a while to care for my baby daughter Nina.  She is 12 now.  Tutoring and home instruction suits me.
  • I decided to become a math teacher and teach in an urban school district in order to make a difference in the world.
  • I believe math is an important life skill and an important career skill.
  • I did not meet my beautiful and talented wife until I was 40 (I turn 61 in March 2020, lets see how often I update my website).
  • I love playing ultimate frisbee.  It is not unusual for me to be on the field and sidelines with high school and college students.
  • I have worked for companies such as IBM, Bell Laboratories, Computer Associates and several smaller technology companies.
  • I took a year off from working when I was 33 and traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe.  I often slept in the back of my minivan or in youth hostels.
  • After my year off, I started and ran my own consulting business for almost a decade.
  • I received a 790 on my math SAT.
  • I am an expert skier and backpacker, but I haven't gotten out very often since my children were born.
  • I am fully licensed in New Jersey to teach high school math.
  • I am a "highly qualified teacher" under the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • I believe that most students can do reasonably well at math with enough effort and assistance.
  • Many people in my life have described me as "mellow", but I do not always feel that is true.
  • I make friends easily and I generally like meeting people.
  • I am halfway to getting my MAT (that's Master of the Art of Teaching) at NJCU.
  • My wife is a Ph. D. child psychologist working in a public preschool program for developmentally challenged 3 and 4 year olds.
  • I have a wonderful daughter and a wonderful son.
  • I have coached at various times with my son's and daughter's soccer, basketball, baseball and softball teams. They both have seemed to settle on soccer.
  • I have a strong belief that I should keep agreements quite accurately and try to do business with people who feel the same way.
  • My father grew up the son of Slovak immigrants in a poor coal mining town in north central Pennsylvania and my mother grew up the daughter of a successful small businessman.
  • On my mothers side, some ancestors were leaders of the underground railroad and the anti-slavery movement in Pennsylvania in the decades before the Civil War.
  • I agree with the complaint that the US math curriculum is "a mile wide and an inch deep".
  • I wish I had more time to listen to music. My new Echo has made it easier.
  • I have passed many background checks including South Brunswick Board of Ed, South Brunswick Soccer Association and SBAA baseball.
  • I strongly believe that all children and young adults deserve to feel good about themselves and their talents.  I am saddened when I see a high school student feel less about themselves when they have difficulty in math.  I smile when the same student is excited about getting an A on the test.
  • I am very confident in my abilities as math tutor.  I am very good at what I do.
  • You are still reading this list?  Please call today......

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Give me a call and we can discuss possibilities.  I am very easy to talk to.  I listen well and together we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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